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App Introduction

<><><>New Future Transparent Phone<><><>
Transparent Screen is a free Android application that makes your phone screen transparent using camera.
Transparent Screen gives you the opportunity to use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on
the entire screen.
Support both front facing camera and black facing camera.
You can take pictures while you are using this function.
Use your phone while walking, talking, texting, shaking and much more, You can use it as a transparent wallpaper.
You can see anything behind your phone or tablet.
- Flashlight with just one click 
- Transparent screen, transparent wallpaper, transparent background when show all application
- Show application and search function
- Transparent will be paused when you turn off screen or open other application.
- Turn on/off camera to save battery
- Change wallpaper with picture wallpapers
- Add more effect change page.
- One click to start and stop the transparent screen.
- Change transparency level in real time.
- Rotate Camera image.
- Change resolution. Over 10 different resolutions supported.

- Does it effect the battery draining?
Yes,it needs some more resources. But I’m trying to keep it as low as I’m able to!

App Screenshot

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